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We develop web and mobile applications using the best and latest technologies and methodologies. We use Ruby based tools, such as Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Cuba, and encourage Agile Development, Pair Programming and Test Driven Development.

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Web and mobile applications

In designing and building web applications that automate processes and optimize systems, removing the need of manual workflow.

Web application

One of the challenges we like the most is to design and build small applications that integrate with each other, as a part of a whole application.

Mobile application

We achieve this by building API powered applications, which allow us to design mobile applications that complement well with web applications.

We develop Android and web applications
adapted for mobile devices.

Work timeline

Featured projects


New York, NY


crlcup.com provides a simple and prowerful way to interact with users groups. It does this by giving an email address (ie. templ@crclup.com) to every group, a chat room for everyone in the group to hang out and a photo album.



ThinAir Wireless
ThinAir Wireless

Houston, TX


GlobalStar Back Office-To-Customer HTTP API implementation. We used Sinatra to provide a fast and reliable solution that complies the GlobalStar Back Office-To-Customer HTTP API specification.



Puerto Finanzas

La Plata, Argentina


Puerto Finanzas is a financial social network. We helped them building one of their most important features: articles and article analytics using Google Analytics and AddThis Analytics. We also integrated the 2.0 style and provided technical coaching.

Mobile Magic Plus

San Diego, CA


Mobile Magic Plus is a very interesting project by Jason Woodrich. We built a lead generator engine using a combination between Google+ and scrapping techniques for providing such leads.



ZoCreative Inc.
ZoCreative Inc.

Coconut Groove, Florida


We helped Erick (ZoCreative's founder) to finish and deliver a project that was left adrift by a previous development team. The project was a double challenge as we were working on an inherited code base with tools that we never used before. We made the project to it's finish line and we are still happily working with Erick and his Company maintaning and improving the platform.



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